Introduction to Information System Architects (ISA)


ISA is a specialist consultancy company whose core competence is the minimization of project risk by means of Requirements Engineering (RE).  This competence is derived from more than 50 years experience of developing leading-edge technology, including the development of the world’s first (and still the only) true RE methodology and supporting software tool set – “G-MARC”.


G-MARC is capable of being applied to the specification of any kind of system.




What is RE?

Requirements Engineering is here defined as:

The process of ensuring measurable quality of the information in all specification related documentation throughout the life of the associated project with the objective of reducing downstream risk.

RE involves the methodical application of scientific techniques to improve the quality of a specification[1]. It is based upon the principles of information engineering, which requires considerable skill and experience to be applied.  It is a vitally important, intellectually demanding and painstaking activity which progressively reveals the real nature of a specification as it demands the answers to ever more penetrating questions.  The information engineer is supported by a robust, well-developed methodology that, in turn is supported by powerful software with appropriate functionality.  The information engineer’s ‘toolkit’ includes meaningful metrics to enable the measurement of quality and to monitor both the direction and size of any improvement.

In the above respects, RE is no different from any other engineering discipline.  However its introduction, at the very beginning of any project, enables it to provide the greatest contribution to the success of the project.



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 [1] MOD “Guide to the Production of User Requirements Documents” Version 2 dated 19/06/2000