The full spectrum of ISA’s consultancy capability encompasses the application sectors of Science & Engineering, Commercial & Financial and Defence.

The dramatic effectiveness of the methodology that ISA has developed to support its consultancy activities is entirely due to a unique juxtaposition of intense need, wide ranging experience, specialist skills and the coincident availability of support from the UK Government’s Department of Trade & Industry, The UK Ministry of Defence and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.  It is unlikely that the opportunity to develop such a fertile juxtaposition would have arisen in a large organization:

“…large organizations …are more inclined to kill off ideas than encourage them”.

-                       -               John Buckley, Institute of Directors’ Guide to Innovation.

-                       -                

In addition to the benefits that ISA clients derive from the application of its unique methodology, the quality of ISA’s work on behalf of its clients is further enhanced by virtue of ISA’s policy of employing only seasoned professionals to perform requirements engineering.  All ISA consultants are academically qualified to at least first degree level and many have MSc and/or PhD level qualifications as well as more than 20 years of professional experience in their chosen discipline.




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